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Your first visit begins with a warm welcome. You'll fill out a brief consultation form to help tailor your experience. Our staff will guide you through the available services, answer any questions, and ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Our experienced therapists are here to assist you. During a consultation, we'll discuss your preferences, any specific concerns, and desired outcomes. Based on this, we'll recommend treatments that align with your goals for relaxation or skincare.

The frequency depends on individual preferences and goals. Many clients enjoy monthly spa visits for ongoing relaxation, while others schedule treatments based on specific needs. Our team can provide personalized recommendations during your consultation.

Absolutely. We use high-quality, gentle products suitable for various skin types. During the consultation, please inform us of any allergies or sensitivities, so we can customize your treatment accordingly.

8-Week Trauma Recovery Program - Spring 2025


What Others Are Saying

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I had a water session with Chris and it was such a beautiful, relaxing and profound experience. Chris is extremely gentle throughout the experience and I left feeling so relaxed, nourished, restored and reconnected with myself. I would recommend this experience to everyone! At 8 months pregnant, it was exactly what my body and baby needed!

Eveline Van Brande Love it and love you

After two decades of receiving body work and massage therapy, I had my introduction to aquatic therapy with Chris at Dandelion Therapy. It was the most profound experience I have had yet with both physical and emotional benefits and I recommend it wholeheartedly!

Eric Eltringham Stress-Free Convert

The aquatic therapy with Chris was such a transformative, relaxing and therapeutic experience. My body and mind had never felt as relaxed, connected and enlightened as I was when I was in the pool with Chris. I highly recommend this amazing experience.

Mario Fuentes Truly a gem!
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