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The Wellness program at Dandelion Thrive Foundation
Our Wellness program, funded by grants and donations, is designed to support a client through 8 weeks of individualized sessions at little or no cost. Our mission is to help individuals experiencing trauma, and their caregivers in their recovery journey.
  • First, we ask that you apply via our website. Dandelion Thrive Foundation - Application
  • Next, our Wellness Specialist will reach out to you via email about your application and submitting our required documents.
  • After we receive your forms and documents. Our Wellness Specialist will schedule an orientation with you to go over the program, answer any questions or concerns you may have, and pair you with a practitioner so that you may begin right away.
  • Any person experiencing trauma, and their caregivers may apply
  • Income Verification, such as W2, paystub,  etc. (to provide this service for free or low-cost) 

Our program includes 8 hours of aquatic therapy and access to our soundbath and meditation sessions. 

  • 8 (1 hour) sessions of non-talk, drug-free, warm-water aquatic therapy.
    • Sessions are completed over 8 consecutive weeks. (10-week program limit)
    • You will be paired with a skilled aquatic practitioner for weekly, one-on-one sessions in our private therapy pools.
    • You will experience light stretching, massage, and deliberate movement through 96-degree water. Meant to bring about a significant state of relaxation and calm.
    • The sessions are conducted in a pool that is heated to 96 degrees. This temperature is the same as our skin temperature, making it feel like an immersive experience
    • The sessions include gentle stretching, twisting, and calm breathing 
    • Around 20 minutes into the session, breathing becomes longer and deeper, at this stage therapists provide movements tailored for the individual to be in sync with their pattern of breathing. This can produce a release from trauma that is held physically by the body, as well as clear a calm space in the pool

Aquatic therapy is a specialized service of individualized therapy between a practitioner and a client in a heated body of water. The 1:1 therapy session involves a practitioner guiding the client through a series of gentle twists, stretches, and movements. The therapy takes place in 96-degree warm water, simulating the same temperature as the skin. The combination of warm water and movement produces a calming state for the mind and body.

Dandelion Thrive Foundation

Program Application

Please be advised, we do ask personal questions. Your responses will be held in the highest confidence and will not be shared with anyone outside of the Dandelion Thrive Foundation. If you would rather complete the application with one of our specialists, please call us at (323) 970-0122.

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